Your Life Purpose

Guided Visualization Series – Your Life Purpose

We all have a purpose in life. We each have a unique role to play on this planet that none of the billions of other human beings are here to play. Only YOU can be YOU, and only YOU can contribute your special gift.

But are you aware of what that gift is? Do you know what your life purpose is?  The answer is in your cellular memory, and you can access this through visualization. You’ll then be able to live it through your business and community activities.


Your Special Gift

[At some parts of this visualization, there are placeholders for you to add in your own name.]

First, get into a relaxed state. Use the technique suggested or a method of your own if you prefer.

Imagine you’re sitting quietly at home. You’re not expecting visitors, but there’s a knock at your door. You open the door and there are people outside saying, ‘Please come and help us. We really need you. You are the only one we can call on.’ You see the urgency in the visitors’ eyes, and as you want to help, you say, ‘Of course I’ll come’.


They take you on a journey – it’s comfortable, you have no concern about where you are going. You travel by plane, car, bus, spaceship, by your own power, or some other way. You feel totally at peace. You enjoy the journey. Imagine the sounds and the sights as you travel.

After a while you touch down very gently. The concerned people have taken you to their community. This might be in another country or another culture from your own, even on another planet. You see a big group in front of you. You are met by smiling faces and you feel the excitement in the air. You see the relief in their eyes. ‘At last (Your name) is here,’ they say. ‘(Your name) will be able to help us.’

You are invited to sit and as you do all those around you sit too. The leader comes up to you and says ‘(Your name), you’re the only person we could call on. We really need your help. Please use your skills and talents to help us.’ You say calmly that you are very happy to help, and you feel confident that you can do so. You ask what it is that they want you to do. As the leader explains, you listen quietly. It may take some time to really understand what the task is. But in the end, you realize that this is any easy thing for you, that this is where you can use your best talents and skills. You’re a little mystified because this task is so simple for you, and you don’t quite see why they have a difficulty with it. Of course, you agree willingly and carry out the task that they have asked of you.

You feel satisfied and fulfilled when it’s finished. You are totally glowing and vibrant with energy. What you have done has transformed these people’s lives. You can see it in their eyes, feel it in their energy. Everybody crowds round you and thanks you. They are laughing and clapping their hands. They are so happy.

The leader approaches with something in their hands and says, ‘This is an expression of our gratitude. It will help you remember what you’ve done for us this day.’ You take the gift and thank everybody. Examine this gift closely. What is it? How does it feel in your hands?

What color is it? What shape? How heavy? As you look down at it, what emotions do you have? You say that you will keep it in your heart always and will use it to help others.

You know it is time to go and as your guide shows you the way back to your vehicle, you turn around and wave goodbye. You know that you will never forget this day and that you will always remember their appreciation for your special talent. You know in your heart that this is what you are on the planet to do. 

You get back into your vehicle and begin the journey home feeling happy and satisfied. As you arrive back home you settle back into your chair where you were when you heard the knock on the door. You prepare to come back into awareness, feeling good, feeling positive and confident, knowing that something important has happened.

And as you stay with those feelings, you begin to notice again the noises around you in this room, the light coming in behind your eyelids and your full consciousness returning. Slowly open your eyes and notice where you are. Take your time to return to normal awareness.