Your Future Vision

Guided Visualization Series – Your Future Vision

How often do you think about the future? When you do is it with worry and dread or with clarity and excitement?

If you want to change your life, it makes sense to do some thinking about how you want the future to be. Goal setting can be useful, but it can restrict the outcome as goals are usually so concrete that they don’t allow for different and better results. Our conscious minds are nowhere near as expansive as our inner selves. The goals we set may be too narrow and don’t embrace our full potential.

This visualization will help you expand your vision and remain open to infinite possibilities.


The Casket of Jewels

First, get into a relaxed state. Use the technique suggested or a method of your own if you prefer.

You find yourself walking down a leafy lane. The birds are singing in the trees. The sun is shining, the temperature is just right for you. You feel free and happy. You come to a fork in the road with a signpost beside it. You notice that the road you’ve just walked along points back to ‘My Current Life.’ There are two other arrows pointing in two different directions. One says, ‘My Past’ and the other says, ‘My Future.’ Which road will you take?

You know how important the past has been in helping you become the person you are today. But you’ve visited it many times and don’t want to go there again. But you want to acknowledge it in some way. You send appreciation along that path by sending warm, loving thoughts or golden light, blowing it a kiss or something else. And now you decide to take the road marked ‘My Future.’ Strangely, you don’t feel apprehensive or uncertain, you just feel excited. What will you discover on this path? What does the future hold for you?

You come to a lovely quiet place beside a little stream. You can hear the water as it flows over the stones in the bed of the stream on its way down to join a river and then the sea. There’s a seat beside the stream which looks inviting. What does it look like? How big is it? What is it made of? You decide to sit down. Feel what the seat is like under your hands. Is it rough or smooth or soft or something else? You feel totally at peace, you feel fulfilled and satisfied, completely safe and protected. You are full of a feeling of prosperity and abundance in all things. Your body feels vibrant and full of strength and energy. You know you are loved and that there are people who you love. See them in your mind’s eye; they are looking at you lovingly and you return that look. 

As you sit here quietly thinking on these things, you realize that this is your future. You are here sitting in it and feeling all the feelings associated with it. It is a marvelous place to be. The best place in the world. You have never been somewhere so beautiful, feeling so full of love and contentment and peace.

You notice beside your seat that there is something sparkling. It’s a magnificent casket. Look at it. Feel it. Pick it up. What are the colors? The textures? You open it and see it’s full of beautiful jewels, each one signifying one aspect of your future life and all the gifts that are in store for you. Pick up the jewels in turn and hold them in your hand. Take your time examining them. When you’re ready, return the jewels to the casket and make the casket small enough to hold in your hands. You will take this back with you to help you in your current life and to help you on your path to this fantastic future life.

You stand up with the casket in your hands and you begin to walk back along the road. You come to the place where the signpost is, and you take the path marked ‘My Current Life.’ You cradle the casket to your heart and let it gently enter your body so it now resides in your heart where you can access it at any time. You walk along the path as you prepare to come back into awareness, feeling good, feeling positive and confident, knowing that something important has happened.

And as you stay with those feelings, you begin to notice again the noises around you in this room, the light coming in behind your eyelids and your full consciousness returning. Slowly open your eyes and notice where you are. Take your time to return to normal awareness.