Building on Intimacy

A real conversation has to have at least two people involved. If someone monopolizes the conversation, it’s no longer a conversation. This is the case whether we are in person-to-person conversation or using technology. When a company uses media to take care of large scale communication, then they are often relying on one-way transmission of messages that involve just a single voice.

When a company is spread out geographically, and there is diversity of language, time zones, and different cultures to consider, the temptation to broadcast gets enormous. Consider instead the potential for interactivity in your communication.

Building on intimacy, where your efforts to get closer to employees, to listen, and to display and earn trust are founded, is an essential element of interactivity.

A commitment to interactivity provides the place for employees to speak up and to enter the conversation. The term inter comes for the Latin word for “between” and emphasizes that conversation exists as an exchange and a back-and-forth process through which we communicate.