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As cybersecurity analysts, we are tasked with protecting computer networks and systems from potential cyber threats. It is our responsibility to stay ahead of the curve, so we can advise and implement the best practices to keep our organization’s data secure. One book that can help us sharpen our skills is the Red Team Field Manual – RTFM. An essential reference guide for cybersecurity experts, the RTFM is a study on the industry’s latest, more complex security protocols.

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The RTFM is a comprehensive guide designed to assist Red Teamers in understanding diverse pentesting methodologies, technologies, and tools, including social engineering, physical security, penetration testing, and reconnaissance. The book provides field-tested techniques that ethical hackers can use to test the effectiveness of an organization’s existing security measures. If you’re a cybersecurity professional or an educator teaching cybersecurity, this book contains unified reference inputs that can contribute to individual and organizational learning and growth.

The book is divided into five separate sections, each with a different focus. The first section deals with basic technical knowledge and terminology. It covers network basics, programming languages, hacking tools, and scripts. This section covers essential skills you must be proficient at before attempting a pentest. Section two provides an introduction to the Red Team approach, which emulates an attack and evaluates the defensive mechanisms in place. The subsequent sections provide guidelines on every aspect of pen-testing, from reconnaissance to post-exploitation.

One significant benefit of reading RTFM is its constant improvement. Red teams from around the world actively update it with their experiences and tools. This helps maintain the ongoing reference guide so that it stays current and relevant for years to come. The book also offers step-by-step instructions for each task, which can benefit any novice who is trying to learn hands-on skills. Used together with virtual environments or lab kits, the RTFM offers a comprehensive guide to becoming a proficient Red Team member.


In conclusion, RTFM is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide for cybersecurity professionals and educators. With its constantly updated reference material and an extensive suite of technical tools, educators will find it easy to keep students up to date on changing cybersecurity trends. The book can also be used in both cybersecurity workshops and everyday business applications to help analyze and defend an organization’s network security. Anyone looking to take their cybersecurity skills to the next level should add the RTFM to their reading list. Reading this book is an investment in your future as a cybersecurity professional. Get your copy today, and take that big step towards mastering the art of Red Teaming.

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