Three years ago, Robin Startle created an event planning company called Star Events. Each event is carefully planned and implemented by Robin, and contractors are hired to assist with larger events. Star Events now regularly hosts groups between 10 and 300 people. Corporate parties, conferences, book launches, business launches, charity fundraisers, and weddings are among the mix of events that Robin creates. Robin is a very effective event planner and always gets great reviews from her clients.

Most recently, the local municipality has hired Star Events to host a party designed with the latest trend in event planning, called Parties In Color. There are some neat aspects to this type of event, which Robin learns about during the information-gathering meeting.

  • Guests buy a ticket and commit to the rules of the party, which are rather strict.
  • The location of a party is a secret right until the guests are on their way to the location. They will receive a text message 90 before the event so they know where to go, but they are sworn to secrecy so that no one without a ticket crashes the party.
  • Between 1,000 and 1,500 people are expected at the first event, because lots of people in the surrounding area will want to come. (The municipality has about 750,000 residents and there are 300,000 more in the immediate surrounding area.)
  • There are no political affiliations or agendas or fundraisers. This is a fun, elegant, sophisticated party for people to enjoy.
  • The color theme is based on the time of year: jewel tones for summer parties, neutral colors for fall, green for spring, and white/silver for winter.
  • Guests bring their own food in a picnic basket. The food has to be gathered and prepared from local farmer’s markets, farms, and gardens. There must be at least one food item that reflects the color theme.
  • Everyone is dressed in formal wear in the color related to the party. Clothing made locally is encouraged.
  • The party organizer must provide one 28×28 table per two guests, tablecloths (in white), and chairs for all the attendees.