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  • 7 Daily Habits of Outstanding Leaders

    What makes a great leader? What daily actions can you take to grow personally and professionally? We will cover 7 daily habits that make outstanding leaders. There are specific habits you can follow that will allow you to lead with peace, strength, and courage.Add to cart
  • Business Analysis Essentials

    This is an introductory course designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the benefits, functions, and impact a business analyst has within an organization. The course discusses the business analysis lifecycle as it is applied throughout a project as well as the pre-project activities that comprise strategy analysis. Students learn how a business analyst supports the project (traditional or agile) throughout the solution development life cycle, from defining business needs and solution scope to validating that requirements have been met in the testing phase and ensuring the solution continues to provide value after implementation.Add to cart
  • Vision Board

    Most programs only focus on how to build the vision board. The actual envisioning aspect is lost, and this leads to someone owning a vision board that doesn't work for them. As you can see, with Vision Boards, you'll cover the visualization process as well.  Six visualization guides are included to assist in the visualization process. Get focused and achieve your goals.  Signup for beLithe's Vision Board course now.Add to cart