Are you ready? Take the Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) exam!

As mentioned throughout this study guide, offers the Professional Scrum Master certification by taking the Professional Scrum Master I certification exam.

The test is offered for a fee of $150 USD.

When taking the test, you have 120 minutes to answer 80 true/false or multiple-choice questions.

Before commencing to taking the exam, be sure to cover all of the previous chapters and materials included in this Scrum Certification Study Guide. Don’t forget the bonus: ¬†Practice Quiz for’s PSM certification Test, featured in our previous lesson, to prepare even more.

The practice quiz included in this course challenges your knowledge of Scrum by randomly selecting 30 questions from a question bank of over 140 questions. ¬†In addition,’s practice assessment provides an opportunity to become familiar with how the actual testing website works, as well as getting a flavor of the questions provided via