Gamification is an approach to motivating students by incorporating game elements into the learning environment. These game mechanics can be used as motivational tools to encourage student engagement and achievement.

When you hear the word gamification, do you think about leaderboards, badges, and levels?  While some are motivated by these approaches, others don’t find them engaging in the activities to achieve them is traditional classwork.  Some may even consider this type of extrinsic motivation as another way to grade learners.

In this course, we’ll explore the concept of gamification, and consider how gamification can increase engagement and improve outcomes.

This course consists of an introduction, 4 lessons, and the conclusion.  In addition, there is a resource section that contains a number of supplemental materials.

  • The Gamification course book provides a written version of the concepts covered in the video.
  • The Action Guide leads you through an evaluation of your gamification efforts.
  • The Gamification Cheat Sheet provides a quick reference covering the concepts of gamification.
  • The list of ideas provides inspiration to those considering expanding their gamification efforts.
  • The list of tools consists of a number of tools that can be used in your gamification efforts.

We hope you find this course as valuable as we do.

The Belithe Studios team