Here’s what you’ll learn in The Emotional Intelligence Advantage:

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

You’ll start by learning exactly what Emotional Intelligence is and how it differs from IQ. You’ll discover the 5 core competencies (pillars) of EI, so that your customers see the massive positive impact it will have on their business success.

Module 1 – Test Your Emotional Intelligence

Next, you’ll discover just how emotionally intelligent you are right now, so that you’ll be able to focus your efforts. You’ll complete several online assessments and reveal your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to EI.

Module 2 – Apply EI Concepts to Increase Sales

In Module 2, you’ll learn how EI plays a role in how well you are able to bring in new prospects and convert those leads to customers. You’ll give them some tips for applying EI to sales situations, and even provide ways to nurture EI behaviors in salespeople, so that sales increase in every part of their business.

Module 3 – Use EI To Enhance Leadership and People Management Skills 

Regardless of the size of your business, you probably have to manage other people at some point – even if it’s just an outsourced freelancer. In Module 3, you’ll learn some best practices for developing your EI so that you can better motivate and lead employees and team members. These are great skills for your personal relationships too!

Conclusion and Next Steps

By this point, you’ve been exposed to multiple tactics for improving your emotional intelligence and applying it in various areas of your business. In the concluding module, you’ll put it all together. You’ll identify your next steps and what you need to do to continuously improve your EI and realize all the growth potential and positive results EI will have on your business success.