5 Things To Remember In Goal Setting


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”- Benjamin Franklin Setting your goal is the most vital aspect of your success. In whatever endeavor you undertake, it is important to

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If you feel hopeless while achieving your goal and you need some motivation, read this. These are the people who don’t need to introduce themselves anymore because of their achievements in their

Holding Yourself Accountable In Making Your Goals...


It’s always easy to blame other people or other things when you fall short of reaching your goals or when you lose the will to pursue them. You might have gone through

What Can You Do After You Have...


You will not be the same person after everything you’ve gone through. You will become wiser. But what will really happen next after your goal has been achieved? I know you may

Why Having Absolute Belief In Your Goal...

Christopher Daily

When someone succeeds in life, people often ask, how did you do it? It’s the same old question from everyone aspiring to achieve something to everyone who already did it. Some would

Why Is It Important To Have a...


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot Why set goals when you can live life without it? Isn’t it that unguarded moments and spontaneous

3 Books To Read For Ultimate Motivation


Have you been spending time recently thinking about reasons that will make you want to leave your couch or bed and finally do something in life that would matter and make you

Kaizen Culture in the Workplace


Kaizen is a system that requires interaction and participation from all employees, from the front-line crew to upper management and even the company’s CEO. Everyone is encouraged to brainstorm and come up

8 Ways Leaders Pull the Team through...


It’s easy to be a leader when things are going well. It can be downright awesome—especially if you get your castle or palace (this may not apply to the typical shift manager).

5 Awesome Leaders throughout History and What...


There have been many leaders in history, but here are five whose greatness has stood the test of time. Julius Caesar Caesar is the quintessential ruler and one of history’s most emulated