Culture Management Training

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Ever been to a training where your focus is on trying to stay awake while listening to the trainer drone on? Yep, us too.  Our training is different.  We don’t lecture for hours on end.  We don’t believe true learning happens when we’re talking at you.  You are a part of our interactive training sessions.  The best part?  We have a lot of fun.

All of our courses can be scheduled as private corporate sessions onsite or live virtual sessions via WebEx with a trainer.

Culture Management Training Courses

[su_spoiler title=”Workplace Culture 101″]

  • 4 hour session defining what culture is, how to identify your company culture and set a vision of a culture that helps reach your business goals
  • Recommended for anyone interested in learning more about culture and how it impacts their team or business


[su_spoiler title=”Culture vs. Agile”]

  • 2 hour session defining how agile fits in with culture and culture fits in with agile
  • Recommended for anyone transitioning to agile or considering the transition


[su_spoiler title=”Culture Bootcamp”]

  • 3 day course that gives attendees the knowledge and framework on how to set the vision and manage the culture of their company or team
  • Recommended for agilists, human resource professionals, leaders, people managers, business owners and anyone trying to influence their team or workplace