Culture Coaching


Culture Coaching

Culture change and management is one of the toughest endeavors a business will embark upon.  It’s all the “squishy” stuff that is hard to nail down.  That’s why it limits the potential of so many organizations.  Having a culture coach in your organization is a powerful way to immediately elevate the culture of your organization to that of a first class citizen and provide instant value.  We also don’t force any type of culture on your team.  Organizations should strive to have authentic, unique cultures that help solve tough business challenges.  We’re here to help you get there.

Benefits of a culture coach:

  • The real culture work gets done right smack in the middle of all the scary stuff – the politics of the organization, the positive and negative influences of the business, the good and bad soft skills of the key players… this is hard for one person or team to take on.  Having a coach that is a neutral party can help your team navigate through these rough waters.
  • Our culture coaches are servant leaders that are authentic, vulnerable, and bring all they’ve got to the table every day – this means your team gets to rely on coaches that are fully present in mind and heart with you in your culture battle.  We’re here to help you succeed no matter how tough it gets.
  • Experience in culture transformations means you get to know all the tricks of the trade right out of the gates.  We know all the best practices and tools.
  • Find yourself in a sticky situation?  With our coaches at your disposal, you don’t have to go at it alone.  Sometimes having someone in your corner is all you need.
  • Our coaches bring well-rounded experience which provides a perspective from all levels of business – we’ve managed culture change through real in-the-trenches human resource experience to executive-level culture management experience.

Who do culture coaches work with?

  • It depends on the goals of the business and the type of engagement.  A typical coaching arrangement includes work with executives and people at all levels of business with most of the time spent with human resources and line managers.

Finding a coach that will mesh with your organization is an important step in the process. Fit is an essential part of a successful engagement.   Contact us today for a no-pressure conversation to see if we might be a good partner for your journey.