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agile coaching

Agile Coaching

When you’re beginning an agile transformation or looking for an agile adoption tune-up, having a seasoned expert by your side can be a game-changer.  Being an experienced agile practitioner doesn’t equal being a qualified agile coach.  It takes a unique background and skill set to be an effective agile coach. If you’re looking to get the most out of your agile adoption efforts, we highly recommend using an agile coach (even if it’s not us!).

Benefits of an agile coach:

  • Having an agile coach takes the pressure off of managers and leads, they’re having a hard enough time figuring out their new roles in this new agile environment.  We partner with managers AND teammates at all levels to ensure everyone understands their place in team.
  • Change is tough on everyone.  Having a partner by your side that comes to the table with no baggage and no history with the team can be an incredible ally for the cause.
  • Our agile coaches have coached many teams through agile transitions, large and small.  Our knowledge on what works and what doesn’t will save you time and speed adoption.
  • We’re not here to implement a new practice and walk out the door.  Our coaches work side-by-side to teach you how to fish for yourself so that when you’re ready to go solo, your team knows what moves come next.

Who do agile coaches with work

  • It depends on the goals of the business and the type of engagement.  A typical coaching arrangement includes some time spent with leaders but more focus on the teams and people managers to give them what they need to be successful post-engagement.

Finding a coach that will mesh with your organization is an important step in the process. Fit is an essential part of a successful engagement.   Contact us today for a no-pressure conversation to see if we might be a good partner for your journey.

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