agile coaching

Every team needs a coach.  Even some players have multiple coaches!  Give you and your team the best chance at success by using a coach.  When we coach  we don’t show up with all the answers.  The answers area already there, we just help you uncover the path to get you there.  It’s amazing what happens when a neutral partner that wants the team to succeed as much as you do is in your corner.  We’ve got the experience and learned the hard lessons for you.  We offer coaching in culture and agile (and a combination of both at the same time for certain customers).
Not sure what it would be like having a coach by your side?  At first it pass it does seem a little uncomfortable but our style gets customers and their teams comfortable with us quickly, making our presence more of a “safe place” for teammates to get comfortable with the new ideas as we move forward.
Culture Coach
for human resource professionals, executives and leaders


Agile Coaches
for teams and leaders introducing agile, improving agile adoption or saving a failing agile project