beLithe Foundation


We’re believers in giving back to our communities.  Pair that with our passion for agile and what have you got?  beLithe Foundation.


We know how powerful agile is and have seen what it can do for individuals and organizations.  We believe that power should not be limited to established businesses.  Our nonprofit organization introduces agility to underrepresented organizations and individuals to give them the tools to help increase their chances for success by spending time on only the most valuable things, increasing productivity and quality, and responding quickly to change.  

Women in Technology & Woman-run Start-ups

We are passionate about getting more women exposed to careers in technology and supporting woman-run start-ups.  It’s no secret that the numbers are skewed in technology and start-ups and we think it’s critically important for our community to achieve a better balance. If you’re a woman that may benefit from our services and training, send us a note.  We offer our services to certain groups at low or no cost.


Scrum Training for University Students

Part of our Foundation initiatives includes offering our full two-day Scrum for Teams training to students enrolled in college full-time at no cost to the students.  As Scrum continues to be adopted in the software development world, employers are looking for candidates that have the skills to fit into a Scrum environment.  Our training gives students the fundamental knowledge needed to hit the ground running in a Scrum team on day one.  We deliver these free trainings each semester at universities in Indiana.   If you’d like to bring this training to your school, send us a note today.  We like to go to a variety of schools and partner with organizations that help students prepare for successful jumps into the job market.  Past parternships include the Purdue Computer Science Women’s Network and Indiana University’s Center of Excellent for Women in Technology (CEWiT).




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