Angie’s List Scrum Assessment

Welcome to the beLithe Scrum Assessment.  The purpose of this assessment is to identify the levels of Scrum practice and Agile maturity among teams.  There are no right or wrong answers as each team is on its own journey and therefore has its own destination it is striving for.

At beLithe, the Scrum Assessment is one of many tools that we use to get build a model of the organization’s level of Agile maturity.  Each teammate, Scrum Master, manager, and Product Owner is invited to take the assessment as each person’s perspective on how the team is doing is essential to building a complete picture of the system.  We follow a fairly straight forward process as follows:

  1. Invite team members to participate in the assessment.
  2. Summary results are aggregated at the team and organizational level (if applicable).
  3. Summary results are distributed to those who are interested.
  4. Determine actionable steps, if desired.
  5. Iterate starting with step #1 after at least three months.

The initial assessment results serve as a baseline to compare subsequent assessment results.  The frequency of subsequent surveys can be as often as once per month, though we have found that bi-monthly is less of a burden on survey takers.

Click below to start the assessment.

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